The Logistics Audit at Imdad Logistics assesses the logistics performance of an entity.

Following the preset scope of audit, our audit mission can cover each and every function of the supply chain cycle (Sourcing, Procurement, Freight, Customs, Warehousing, Distribution, Transportation, Customer Service & Sales).

The Audit findings/report will come out as a strategic plan for logistics initiatives proposing corrective and preventive Risk based actions.

The Logistics Audit presents a comparative analysis between current activity metrics KPIs and targeted international benchmarks and normal practices.

(Please go to our Library page and review the Logistics Audit Proposal for a more detailed overview on the subject).

We offer our services either to companies in their startup or for those implementing a new logistics function.

Logistics Management is also provided to companies expanding their logistics resources.

We provide both one time and periodical consultancies.

We conduct Physical Inventory Counts.

We provide resident consultants for leading, on a long term basis, logistics functions on customers' locations.

We monitor logistics change management in companies, change being in people, systems, equipment or facilities.

We also monitor transition periods and handovers when outsourcing part or all logistics functions to 3PLs.

We help companies draw a flawless operational cycle, write logistics procedures manuals, job descriptions and elaborate and execute training programs.

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We act as arbitrators for Companies and individuals entering into new ventures.

We also act as experts supporting judicial authorities in operations and logistics matters.





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Writing a logistics business plan is a job only a logistics professional can accomplish. 

The specificity of logistics data for market, operational and financial assumptions makes that feasibility studies, where all parts are interlinked, can be combined and analyzed only by logisticians leading to sound decision making.

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