ATM   Management

imdad will provide the following

  1. availability of atm machines


  3. TRansport of cash

  4. replenishment of cash

  5. insurances

  6. atm maintenance

Maintaining an Off-Branch ATM Machine presents a logistical and financial burden for banks, as a 
result, banks seem reluctant from pursuing such endeavor.
At Imdad Logistics, we have sensed this need and developed this service to help banks benefit from their ATM Off-Branch quota granted to them by central banks, without the financial and logistical headache.
Commercial banks are invited to Contact us in order to discuss their insight about ATM Management Services deployment.
To note that the full fledged Services are comprised of:
  • Imdad providing its own Cash to replenish ATMs
  • Imdad providing Cash Transport and Replenishment logistically
  • Imdad providing the ATM Machine
  • Imdad Providing Insurances, Electricity, Supplies and Maintenance